Our Mission

‘Always Be Epic’ stands on the belief that life is way more fun & rewarding when you work hard to be who you want to be and when you surround yourself with inspirational people. We (and the members of our community) have a burning desire to create epic adventures and accomplish goals on our own terms – where the true reward is having a great story to tell. We have recognized that the most remarkable thing about inspiration is that it is endless, as long as it is shared.

What is the Epic Man?

“The Epic Man” gives a select group of people the chance to push their physical limits through a one-of-a-kind adventure, while inspiring others to create their own adventures. Epic Man started as a team taking a journey from Peaks Island in Maine, ending at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Five years later, it has now become a platform for others to create their own ‘Epic’ adventure. Something on their own terms, and ultimately something that ignites that ‘Epic Spirit’ within them. A story for them to tell, and their own stage to inspire others.


Who is “The Epic Man”?

The Epic Man strives to realize potential, but at the same time sees no limits.
The Epic Man creates his own challenges.
The Epic Man accepts the challenges, and works hard to complete them.
The Epic Man does not consider the finish line to be the end, rather the start of the next adventure.
The Epic Man is humble.
The Epic Man knows how to have fun, and does not take himself too seriously.
The Epic Man will always be inspired.
The Epic Man cares about living to the fullest, which leads to healthy mind and body.
The Epic Man takes inspiration and turns it into action.